Membership Agreement & Terms of Use

Violation of any of the terms and agreements will result in a permanent or temporary loss of membership(also including website), furthermore, MMJ Total Health Care Inc. holds all rights to membership termination at our discretion without notice.


No selling, trading or donations are allowed at any time. The medication you are given from MMJ Total Health Care Inc. is for your use only. Purchasing Cannabis for others, selling, trading with, sharing or giving any MMJ Total Health Care Inc. product is prohibited and will result in a loss of membership immediately. We also hold the right to revoke the option of renewal.

Consumption Parameters

Please wait to consume Cannabis and abide by our non-smoking bylaws outside of the MMJ Total Health Care Inc. location to respect our neighbours. We ask that our members please go at least a four block radius before consuming any medication.

Stay Active

Failure to contact us or make a purchase within 12 months may result in loss of membership due to inactivity. Please inform us if your address or phone number change, as well as, if you have any personal reviews or opinions about our products and service.


Entering the MMJ Total Health Care Inc. establishment irresponsibly intoxicated may result in loss of membership or suspension. We, as staff, will do our best to provide the fastest and most educated services possible. Please Note: Guests and non-members must remain in the reception area.

Disrespect of MMJ Total Health Care staff or members will result in suspension and/or loss of membership.


It is currently illegal in Canada to posses, cultivate or distribute Cannabis without a completed MMAR (Medical Marihuana Access Regulation) or MMPR (Medical Marihuana Production Regulation) application. Know your rights and take precautions to avoid the harmful effects of arrest, Cannabis seizure, imprisonment and possible criminal record.

I have read and understand this form thoroughly and hereby agree to terms and agreement of MMJ Total Health Care Inc.

I, _______________________________________ on the _____ day, of ___________, 20___ guarantees, medical claims, or otherwise assumed statements of legal safety and I hereby agree for myself, my heirs and executors to waive any claims against MMJ Total Health Care Inc. and its employees.

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