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Although it is now legal to purchase medical cannabis online, not every dispensary is unique. Most of the online shops do not take the time to solve important questions, and they operate more like a drugstore rather than a specialized medical facility.


Our aim is to show the whole world that people can buy marijuana online in Canada and get holistic healing results in an answerable way.


Every patient who enters our door is handled with compassion and higher respect – patience is the keystone of how we cooperate with our patients like no one has ever done. Regardless of whether you are new to cannabis, or have you been using a different Vernon dispensary for some time and looking for an inviting, community place to be, Mmjtotalhealthcare wants to welcome you. Here are some options you can explore to buy medical cannabis.

– We have many types of Indica, hybrid and Sativa strains each for certain ailments.

– If you need a concentrated strain, we offer the best options with greater doses of THC, cannabinoids as well other compounds to ease symptoms and heal.

– Other ailments are best handled through lotions and balms. If you really fit into this group, MMJTHC has got you covered, literally.

– If you prefer or not to ingest medical cannabis via “smoking,” select from the variety of edibles we have. 

Obviously, medical cannabis and accessories are one part of our pledge to our patients. We trust “holistic” healing, therefore in that spirit, we provide different classes as well as other opportunities for people to find solutions to their medical ailments. 

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about medical cannabis.


If you have any problems, You're welcome to contact us anytime!

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